Target genotyping - reliable, fast and efficient

The entire genotype - electronically transmitted - ready to be uploaded into your database.

Use our service and enable your  workforce to work in their real job - research!

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Forensic DNA analysis meets laboratory animal genetics

Genotyping of laboratory animals thought further.

We enable precise characterization of your mice and assignment to strains and substrains through our highly-differentiated genetic typing.

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Animal welfare is a priority!

Take care of your mice:
Snooplex FastPrep is the solution!

With the novel preparation kit Snooplex FastPrep, genotyping of mice is now finally possible without the need for tail tip biopsy. Only three simple steps from sample collection to the finished PCR.
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Faster, more flexible and more efficient!

Speed Congenics projects with
GVG Genetic Monitoring.

Rely on the latest methods and technologies for accelerated selection of target traits by characterizing entire breeding generations. Select genetically optimal animals for future breeding.
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Genetic characterization of laboratory animals - this is our service!

High-resolution background testing and speed congenics, even for closely related strains and substrains - our innovative STR marker technology from human genetics makes it possible.

Routine genotyping - we transmit the genotype quickly, thoroughly and cost-effectively - ready for automated upload into the animal house management software.


Our contribution to the 3 R's

based on W. Russel and R. Burch, 1959, The Principles of Humane Experimental Techniques


Our Snooplex FastPrep kit enables genotyping from swab
samples - without the need for biopsy material.


Marker-assisted backcrossing, often called speed congenics, helps to achieve the breeding goal in just 5 generations. As a result, 50% fewer animals are needed on average.


Alternative methods such as the use of cell cultures can often avoid 
animal testing. GVG also genotypes cell lines.

GVG's additional R: Reproducibility

At GVG, we pay attention to another "R", even if it was not mentioned by Russel and Burch: We contribute in many places to making animal testing more reproducible.

Background Testing

We provide the precise genetic background of your model including the Y chromosome. Our resolution goes beyond the substrain level to distinguishing individuals.

Target Genotyping

We transfer the genotype quickly, carefully and cost-effectively - ready for automated upload into the animal house management software.

Speed Congenics

We perform backcrossing on any background quickly and individually.

Snooplex FastPrep

Our genotyping kit enables animal-friendly testing without biopsies.

Whether you need information on services and products, whether you want to place an order or have questions about findings - our team will advise you personally and competently.