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Hidden genetic elements

GVG genetic monitoring offers a new test for hidden and known genetic elements.

Hidden genetic elements

In the process of generating transgenic lines, standardized genetic elements are regularly used in the form of gene cassettes, with the help of which defined intermediate steps can be carried out and tracked. These are resistance genes for antibiotics, fluorescent proteins, regulatory elements or various recombinases. After completion of a new transgenic mouse line, the present test system can be used to verify the remaining gene cassettes.

Occasionally, knowledge of the presence of such elements in the genome is forgotten after line generation is completed, especially after dissemination to collaborators and other research groups. Questionable experimental results can be challenged by appropriate genotyping to determine whether unknown genetic elements or cassettes are present in the mouse line. The latter could equally be the result of unrecognized breeding errors of different genetically modified lines, which can be verified in this way.

Our assay includes genotyping of markers listed below:

  • Recombinases: Cre, iCre, Dre, FLPe, FLPo, Vika
  • Antibiotic resistance genes: hygromycin, neomycin
  • Regulatory elements: APEX2, CAGs, DTR, ERT2, IRES, lacZ
  • Fluorescent proteins: CFP (eCFP), GFP (eGFP), YFP (eYFP), ZsGreen, hrGFP, dsRED, mCherry, mRuby, mScarlet, tdTomato


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