Our multiplex PCR-based analytical methods provide unique precision in their results

Genetic Monitoring

Our comprehensive offering includes a wide range of different services. These include high-resolution genetic background testing, marker-assisted backcrossing and target genotyping. All our services are tailored to your needs.

Our range of services

Target Genotyping

Outsource your routine target genotyping of your transgenic lines, save valuable manpower and time and focus on your actual research activities!

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Hidden genetic elements

GVG genetic monitoring offers a new test for hidden and known genetic elements.

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Genetic Background Testing

GVG Genetic Monitoring has developed an entirely new method for high-precision genetic characterization of mice and rats and their allocation to strains and substrains.

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Genotyping of sperm

Genotyping of sperm can accurately predict the germline inheritance rate after in vitro fertilization.

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Speed Congenics

With the help of our in-house developed multiplex PCR methods and technologies, we can offer a new approach to Speed Congenics projects: faster, more flexible and more efficient.

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Our product

Snooplex FastPrep

Perform characterization of mice from saliva samples easily and quickly, while completely avoiding the need for biopsies!

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