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Animal welfare as a priority: Snooplex® FastPrep

Innovation: With our newly developed Snooplex FastPrep Kit, PCR studies for the characterization of mice from saliva samples can be performed easily and quickly, thus eliminating the need for tail tip biopsies altogether.

What is Snooplex FastPrep?

Snooplex FastPrep is an innovative complete solution developed by GVG Genetic Monitoring for the genotyping of laboratory rodents and fish (e.g. zebrafish). The novel Snooplex FastPrep kit eliminates the need for biopsies entirely, due to special swabs for sampling mucosal cells.
A unique fast buffer for DNA extraction and an optimized master mix for performing PCR allow genotyping in record time. The PCR mix already contains the gel loading buffer, allowing the PCR product to be loaded directly onto agarose gels. Only primers are needed to specifically amplify the target DNA.

How is Snooplex FastPrep applied?

Quite simple and fast! In only three steps you can produce ready-to-use templates for your PCR in a very short time:

1. sample collection -> 2. fast lysis -> 3. addition of your primers to the master mix.

Any questions about Snooplex FastPrep?

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