GVG Genetic Monitoring has developed a completely new method for the highly accurate genotyping of mice, enabling them to be classified into strains and substrains. GVG GM's technology is based on the use of specific genetic markers well known from forensic genetics.
In a nutshell, we have adapted the analysis of genetic fingerprinting data for use with laboratory animals.

For sampling, we have developed a brand new assay for mice known as Snooplex FastPrep which allows the analysis of saliva samples by PCR. Sampling is carried out with a swab and is fast, simple, and doesn't harm the mice in any way. This also makes sample transport simpler – and hence cheaper.

The new methods enable the identification of mouse strains and the successful differentiation of mouse lines, even from different breeders, with a highly detailed, previously unattainable level of genetic differentiation.

Our goal is to set a new 'gold standard' in the characterization of mouse lines, especially regarding the usability of test results and the acceptance of publishable data.