No more tail biopsies: Snooplex® FastPrep

Snooplex FastPrep is an innovative and highly reliable all-in-one solution developed by GVG Genetic Monitoring for mouse DNA sampling and genotyping without tail biopsies. It is ideal for improving animal welfare in rodent breeding.

Snooplex FastPrep–Highlights

•  Next level mouse DNA sampling and genotyping without tail biopsies
•  Ready-to-use system for simple, rapid PCR testing of swab specimens
•  Fast one-step DNA extraction in just 15 min without extra pipetting steps
•  Optimized PCR buffer for small DNA amounts
•  PCR setup at room temperature thanks to integrated hot-start technology
•  Available with 2-types of mouse-specific internal PCR controls to check
    successful DNA extraction and amplification

From sampling to complete PCR in three easy steps!

1. Sampling ⇒ 2. Quick lysis ⇒ 3. Adding your primer to the Mastermix

The ready-to-use Snooplex FastPrep kit enables the DNA extraction and PCR testing of buccal mucosa swab samples taken from mouse cheeks. Usually tail biopsies provide more DNA than extraction from swab specimens. However, the limited yield of extraction can be compensated for by using the newly designed Snooplex lysis buffer for DNA extraction accompanied by specially formulated, optimized PCR reaction components.
The Snooplex FastPrep kit comes with DNA-free sterile swabs, Snooplex lysis buffer, PCR reaction buffer, Hot-Start Taq DNA polymerase, nuclease-free water and one of two internal control mixes of your choice.

Test Snooplex FastPrep – your mice will thank you!