Our team

Dr Peter Dobrowolski, Technology and Innovation

Peter Dobrowolski was born in 1957. From 1976 until 1981 he studied biology at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. At the age of just thirty he was placed in charge of the Department of Genetics at the Leipzig Institute of Biotechnology, making him one of the youngest department heads in the East German Academy of Sciences.

In 1988 and 1989 he worked on the Horikoshi Superbugs Project in Tokyo in Prof. Horikoshi's laboratory.

Since 1995, Dr Dobrowolski has been a successful biology consultant at Saxony's Criminal Investigation Department in Dresden. He quickly established a powerful laboratory for DNA analysis there and is an expert on genetic fingerprinting.

Dr Olaf Gelsen – CEO

Portrait Dr. Olaf Gelsen, Geschäftsführer GVG Diagnostics GmbH

After studying physics at the University of Würzburg, from 1989 until 1993 Olaf Gelsen took a PhD at the University of Cambridge in the UK. He was also awarded an MBA in 1999 following a continuation course at the University of Bradford’s Department of Business Administration.

Subsequently working for various industrial companies from start-ups to large corporations, Olaf Gelsen acquired extensive expertise in the development and operation of all kinds of laboratories and the organization and management of R&D projects as well as general business experience in Europe, the US and Asia.

From 2004 until 2012, Olaf Gelsen was CEO of Sensient Imaging Technologies GmbH in Wolfen (Germany), a global technology company in the imaging industry with sixty employees.

He has been the CEO of GVG Diagnostics GmbH in Leipzig ever since it was set up in May 2012.
A keen marathon runner and rower, in his spare time Olaf Gelsen is a volunteer working to preserve Leipzig’s extensive floodplain woodlands.

Prof. Dr Jörg Gabert, Business Development

Jörg Gabert studied biochemistry at the University of Leipzig from 1983 to 1988. After attaining a medical doctorate in Leipzig in 2007, that same year he was appointed a professor at the Department of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine at the Moscow Medical Academy.

In 1996, Jörg Gabert founded Labor Diagnostik Leipzig GmbH and was its managing partner until the merger with QIAGEN in 2011. From 2012 to 2014, Dr Gabert was general manager of QIAGEN GmbH Leipzig. Since 2009, Jörg Gabert has also been a member of the Advisory Board of AMP-Therapeutics GmbH in Leipzig. In 2012 he became a founding partner of GVG Diagnostics GmbH, and has been a managing partner of Genolytic GmbH since 2013.

In his spare time, Jörg Gabert works on an honorary basis for various cultural institutions in Leipzig, including the Gewandhaus concert hall, Leipzig Opera House and the Society of Friends of the University of Leipzig Choir.

Karla Rieger, Executive Assistant

After graduating from the University of Leipzig in translation and interpreting, Karla Rieger spent several years applying her linguistic skills for a large corporate employer in Leipzig. She then joined the company's sales department as a sales clerk.

While studying part-time at the Academy of Banking, in 1991 Karla Rieger began working for the Leipzig branch of French bank Crédit Lyonnais, which in Germany acquired BfG Bank AG. She worked there as a back-office employee serving corporate clients in the regions of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.

Since 2001, Karla Rieger has worked as an executive assistant for a number of biotech companies, including the Leipzig-based GVG Diagnostics GmbH, which she joined in 2013.