Forensic genetics meets lab animal genetics – our building blocks for your success

GVG Genetic Monitoring GmbH is a genetics laboratory specializing in the molecular genetic analysis of livestock – and also a biotech research company. It operates out of BIO CITY, one of the most advanced centres of biotechnology and biomedicine in Germany, and is hence in the direct vicinity of the University of Leipzig.

GVG GM's range of services includes a variety of molecular genetic analysis techniques which can for instance be used for genotyping, speed congenics projects, and breeding monitoring.

The company has developed a special preparation kit for quick and easy sampling using a mouth swab. In addition to simplifying animal transport and logistics as well as sampling, it completely eliminates the need for tail biopsies.

By closely collaborating with specialists from forensic genetics, we have succeeded in adapting and modifying STR analysis (also known as genetic fingerprinting) for laboratory animals. This enables us to answer all questions about the genetic background, speed congenics and characterization of your livestock.

Our veterinarians, biochemists, biotechnologists and partner companies all work to the highest standards and employ the latest scientific findings in order to offer you high-quality laboratory services and products. Our team of veterinary experts is available to answer your questions at any time and will be happy to provide you with specialist advice.